The second annual Hacktoberfest at The Altamont School. Ready to hack?

No matter your level of CS experience, we want you to hack and build with us. Join us on October 25th at 3:45pm in the CS Lab to get started.

Register today by clicking here.

The event

This year, Digital Ocean's Hacktoberfest celebration has taken on an eighties theme. In light of that, we've decided to reciprocate with our own theme...Hacking Things!

Our Hacktoberfest celebration this year will focus on our global theme at The Altamont School: Water. In a different style from last year, our Hacktoberfest will resemble a "hackathon."

In this format, students will work in teams to create three real-world applications that highlight the importance that water plays in our global community.

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  1. What is Hacktoberfest?

  2. Hacktoberfest was started as a celebration of the open source community and to get more people engaged in it. Open source means software that's free and open for everyone to use. You can find more info here!

  3. What kind of computer science experience do I need?

  4. Practically none! We've organized this year into three groups: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each team will be led by an experienced CS student and a faculty memeber. Even if you've never written a line of code, we'll have you submitting your first pull request in no time!

  5. I'm not a student or faculty/staff memeber at Altamont. Can I participate?

  6. Unfortunately, we're only accepting members of the Altamont community at this time.

  7. Will I need a computer?

  8. Yes! If you're a 1:1 student, your school device is the perfect solution. If you're outside our 1:1 program, you can bring your own device and we'll have devices ready from the laptop cart.

  9. I heard there's a free do I get one?

  10. Hacktoberfest is a challenge. You must complete four pull requests in the month of October to earn your shirt. Depending on how much work you take on at our event, you could easliy complete those requirements before the hackathon is over. You should sign-up for the official Hacktoberfest event by clicking here.

    We're also creating limited-edition shirts (click here to see one) with our Hacking Things logo that will be available for $10.00.

  11. How long does the event last?

  12. Hackathons are meant to take a while...that's why it's a play on the word marathon. Our scheduled time is 3:45pm-7:45pm. If you sign up, you're not required to stay the entire time; come for as long as you can and help us build something cool. We've also got some awesome people from the local tech community that will be speaking during little breaks.


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