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Services and Tools

Every day it seems like there's more and more ed tech services that are popping up. We're here to help you make sense of them. Check out our curated list of the best services and tools around.

Graphic Organizers

Whether you're still using paper and pencil in the classroom or you've entered a 1:1 environment, graphic organizers are a great way of keeping students engaged and on-task. Our collection balances old-school classics and new solutions.

Lesson Plans

Sometimes it just helps to have lessons in front of you. These can serve as templates or, in a pinch, an emergency lesson plan when things go awry. We've created easy-to-use, modular lessons that can be used as is or in pieces.

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OneNote - the Game Changer I think every teacher can get nostalgic about education technology whether they’ve been in education for 30 years…



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Welcome to Imagine a resource that allows for 50+ programming languages, collaborative environments for group programming…